Sun Safe UPF50 Umbrella - Kookaburra
Sun Safe UPF50 Umbrella - Kookaburra
Sun Safe UPF50 Umbrella - Kookaburra

Sun Safe UPF50 Umbrella - Kookaburra

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The Mini Umbrella is palm size, 15cm in length and easily fits into any handbag, jacket pocket or glove box. These small, mini umbrellas now protect you from sun and rain as they have a fused double layer with a sun safe UPF 50 PLUS rating. This means it provides both UVA and UVB protection for 98% of UV rays.

So, whether there is a light shower, rain, cloud or sunshine, you are now shielded from the harsh Australian weather.


Dani Till is an Australian award-winning Gippsland artist who is passionate about Australian flora and fauna and loves to bring them to life with watercolours.


Size: Palm size, 15cm when folded
Protection: UPF 50+ sun protection
Material: Aluminium and carbon fibre frame
Handle: Compact gold rectangular handle
Colour: Watercolour design topisde with gold underneath
Length: 52cm
Canopy diameter: 90cm
Weight: 250 grams