No.6 Candle - Clementine Honey

No.6 Candle - Clementine Honey

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Spending more time indoors due to Covid? Make it that much more enjoyable by burning a candle. It creates a relaxing atmosphere as well as a turning a stale or stuffy space into a fragrant oasis.

Depending on your scent of choice it could take you anywhere your heart desires as sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses.  Those with full olfactory function may be able to think of smells that evoke particular memories; the scent of an orchard in blossom conjuring up recollections of a childhood picnic, for example.

Key notes: Citrus; Orange, Mandarin (best seller)

320gm / 50hr burn time.

Never leave a burning candle unattended