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Rectangle Trinket Tray - Dynasty of Nature
Rectangle Trinket Tray - Dynasty of Nature
La La Land

Rectangle Trinket Tray - Dynasty of Nature

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Tidy up your space and add a splash of colour with this ceramic trinket tray. Perfect for storing jewellery, small items and finishing touches, this piece is made from ceramic in a variety of designs to suit any decor. Available in square and rectangle format, our trinket tray features our unique illustrations that make for the perfect gift!
Dishwasher & microwave safe.

The art world would never be the same without the iconic Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, Yayoi Kusama, Jean-Micahel Basquait, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Keith Haring and Vincent Van Gogh. These creative figures are celebrated for their influence on the art world and are honored in our collection, Tribute Artists. Illustrated by in-house La La Land artists Lilly Perrott, Murilo Manzini and Laura Ramos